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FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., LTD

New Brand PR Agency

Recruitment Announcement


  With the development of business, FAW-Volkswagen Sales Co., Ltd New brand need to recruit a PR agency. Please find detailed information as followed.

  1.招募标准Recruitment criteria:

  1.1 公司注册时间:2013年1月1日前注册;

  Company registration time: before January 1st, 2013;

  1.2 公司规模:注册资金200万(含200万)以上,具备稳定核心团队(150人以上);

  Company scale:over 2 million (include 2 million) registered capital, with stable core team (over 150 people);

  1.3 公司专业素质Company qualifications:

  1.3.1公关策略/活动Communication Strategy and Event:

  • 世界500强中的汽车企业策略创意全案服务经验1年以上
  • More than 1 years Strategic and creative service experience for Automobile enterprises in the world top 500;
  • 公关活动类工作年营业额5000万元以上
  • Over 50 mio annual turnover from single PR activities;
  • 具有能够满足品牌活动标准的独立活动执行能力
  • Independent activity execution ability that meet the criteria of the brand activity;
  • 具有较强的内容策划及文案撰写、制作能力
  • Strong content planning and advertising copy writer ability;
  • 具备优质的第三方资源,如供应商、媒介、跨界资源等
  • Rich third party resource, such as suppliers, media, cross border resources, etc.;

  1.3.2媒体传播Media Communication:

  • 主流汽车企业媒介管理服务经验1年以上
  • More than 1 years’ service experience in mainstream auto enterprises;
  • 近两年(2016-2017)汽车行业公关媒介采购总额不低于5000万
  • The PR media purchase amount of recent 2 years (2016-2017) should not be less than 50 million;
  • 具有较强的媒体资源,良好的媒体沟通能力和媒体关系
  • Rich resource of auto media, strong communication ability with medias and well relationship with medias;
  • 具有较强的媒介购买优势及传播效果监控能力
  • Strong advantage in media purchasing and communication effect monitoring ability;
  • 近两年(2016-2017)有国内主流汽车企业网络公关传播年度代理服务经验
  • Familiar with relevant policies, industry organization management processes and norms in auto industry;
  • 拥有丰富、完善的汽车相关行业社会化媒体数据库及资源
  • Major domestic auto enterprise service experience of EPR at last 2 years (2016-2017);

  1.3.3 媒体监测Media Monitoring:

  • 正在服务于国内汽车品牌媒体监测业务,且在中国设有办事处
  • Serving domestic auto client for media monitoring job, and have office in China;
  • 具备覆盖全媒体(平面、新闻网站、电波、APP、新闻尾翼、社交媒体等)的数据监测、筛选及分析能力
  • Ability to monitor, select and analyze data covering the whole media (newspaper, news website, radio, APP, comment area, social media etc.);

  1.3.4 负面/危机处理Negative/Crisis Management:

  • 拥有敏感信息的准确判断能力和快速的危机预警能力
  • Strong ability of judge the sensitive information accurately and early warning the crisis quickly;
  • 具有较强的危机处理能力
  • Strong ability of management of crisis;

  2.招募须知Recruitment notice:


  Business scope: PR communication strategy definition, planning and implementation of the PR event, traditional media management and communication, social media management and communication and media monitoring of brand and all models of New brand of FAW-Volkswagen Sales Co., Ltd.


  Trade secret protection: The recruited agency should abide by related confidential agreement of FAW-VW Automotive Co,. Ltd.

  符合招募标准且有意愿参与招募评选的公司请将本公告第3条规定的资料简装版(密封处加盖公司公章)在北京时间2018年 02月26日24:00点前通过EMS邮寄至金皇朝2-大众汽车有限公司成都采购部,以EMS寄出时的当地邮戳时间为准,逾期提交的资料视为无效。另请以邮件形式通知EMS邮寄时间和EMS号,以备查档所需。

  Agencies that meet above qualifications and want to join the recruitment should send the required documents (with company seal) in the third clause below to Chengdu Purchasing Department of FAW-VW Automotive Co., Ltd by 24:00 on Feb. 09th, 2018 through EMS. Document submission time should base on postmark of local EMS delivery, overdue submission is invalid. Please also email us your EMS post time and EMS number for inquiry.


  Address and contact as below:


  成都一般材料采购科赖春杰收  邮编:610100

  Lai Chunjie, Chengdu Purchasing Department of FAW-VW Automotive Co., Ltd Chengdu Branch. 177, Segment3, Chenglong Street, Economy and Technological Development Zone, Chengdu, China. Post Code: 610100





  Email: chunjie.lai@faw-vw.com

  Contact Person:

  Shen Jianguo:028-82846891

  Email: JianGuo.Shen_EBO@faw-vw.com

  Lai Chunjie:028-62820574

  Email: chunjie.lai@faw-vw.com

  3.须提交资料Required Documents:

  3.1 公司概况介绍,包括但不限于公司规模、分支机构等;

  Company profile, including but not limited to company scale and branches, etc;

  3.2 申报表(请见附件):请如实填写贵司相关信息,加盖公司公章并请法人代表签字;

  Application form (see attachment), please truthfully fill in company information,

  stamp company seal and sign legal representative signature;

  3.3 公司资质:经年检合格的营业执照,税务登记证,组织机构代码证及其它证明材料;法人代表证明书或法人委托书;法人代表身份证、经办人身份证。(注:以上内容请提供复印件;营业执照请加盖公司公章并提供营业执照官网真伪查询信息);

  Company qualification: business license, tax registration certificate, organization

  code certificate and other certificates that qualified annual inspection; legal  representative certificate or power of attorney; ID card of legal representative and transactor (note: provide copies of these documents; stamp company seal on  business license and provide business license authenticity online query information );

  3.4 公司管理机构及人员情况:管理层机构及人员介绍,策略、创意、活动、媒介、文案、监测专业人员介绍(数量、工作年限、工作经历、资质等),专家人员介绍(数量、工作年限、工作经历、资质等)。(注:各专业人员必须提供近半年的社保缴纳证明原件);

  Company organization structure and personnel: introduction of company top

  management, professional personnel in field of strategy, creativity and PR event

  planning as well as experts (number, working experience and qualification)

  Remark: all professional personnel should provide the proof of social security

  payments of recent half year;

  3.5 目前服务客户情况:客户服务时间、服务范围,(请提供合同为证);

  Current client service status: service status of domestic and international famous

  clients (service time/scope and contract as proof);

  3.6 近3年项目作品:近3年已执行的公关策略提案(数量、清单及简介)、近3年公关活动策划及执行方案(数量、清单及简介),近3年公关策略或公关活动获奖情况(获奖证明材料复印件并加盖公司印章),近3年整合传播成功案例,近3年媒介策略案例(数量、清单及简介)、近3年媒体合作案例(数量、清单及简介)、近3年危机管理案例(数量、清单及简介),近3年已执行的网络公关提案(数量、清单及简介),近3年网络公关项目获奖情况(获奖证明材料复印件并加盖公司印章),近3年网络整合传播成功案例,汽车相关行业社会化媒体数据库及资源展示材料(数量、清单及简介,并加盖公司印章),近3年完整的汽车行业内媒体监测服务、危机预警服务、行业分析报告等案例(数量、清单及简介)等。

  Projects in recent 3 years: PR strategy proposal (number, detailed list and introduction), creative and executive proposal of PR event (number, detailed list and introduction), award of PR communication strategy or PR event (copies of award certificate with company stamp), and successful communication campaign,media Strategy case in recent 3 years (number, detailed list and introduction),media cooperation case in recent 3 years (number, detailed list and introduction),crisis management case in recent 3 years (copies of award certificate with company stamp, include TVC and print), EPR strategy proposal (number, detailed list and introduction), award of EPR communication strategy or EPR event (copies of award certificate with company stamp), and successful online integrative communication campaign, complete media monitoring proposal (number, detailed list and introduction), and successful crisis early warning proposal (number, detailed list and introduction);


  As for 3.4-3.5, except paper copies, please provide 15 minutes video footage of company introduction, core personnel, company achievement in a USB stick.


  All the above information and documents must be truthful. Fake information or document will result in disqualification of recruitment. About all the above documents, Please provide Chinese and English Version as far as possible. The video must have English remark.

  4.招募流程Recruitment Process:


  Recruitment announcement publish on corporate website;


  Collect agencies documents;


  Agencies documents review and filtering;


  Advise qualified agencies next step work;


  Note: FAW-VW Automotive Co., Ltd reserves the right of final explanation for this announcement.